​England, Scotland and Wales

Keep in mind engineering works TFL

Waterloo Train Station
Heads up:-Waterloo station partial closure 5th  - 28th August 2017, (includes Bank Holiday week-end 26 - 28th) Disruption for London Bridge, Charing Cross, Liverpool Street and Euston stations. Any minor rail problem will ripple around the network. Trains will be packed, double check your train is leaving before you leave for your station Expect severe disruptions, delays and long queues. 
Rail engineers extending platforms. After construction expect more passenger compartments, another 45,000 passengers morning and afternoon daily.
Victoria station will be packed.

British Airways Strike
Update:-3 August 2017 Yep, you got it extended another 10 days to the 26th August, nope 30th August now.
Update:-1 August, 2017 BA strike extended to 15th of August. Union state strikes are having an effect. Cabin crew members who have been covering striking workers are getting to the limit of working hours before mandatory rest times. Management have offered the flight crews a bonus of 250 pounds.
Update:-21 July 2017 New dates for British Airways mixed fleet strike action 00:01 - 2nd August to Midnight Tuesday the 15th August. This time around union going to court to stop management from wet leasing aircraft from Qatar. (This tactic may bring in other unions, perhaps pilot’s just in time for Christmas)
Lighten up, funny new BA promo

Update:-5 July 2017 Union Unite up’s the anty.
NEW BA Strike action
00:01 hrs 19 July 2017 - 1 August 2017 23:59 hrs
Note from British Airways

Update:-28 June 2017 Short-hauls not affected, strike only effecting some long-haul flights and passengers have been informed.

Friday 16 June 2017 New British Airways strike planned for
Saturday 1 July 2017 00:01 hours to
Sunday 16 July, 2017 23:59
British Airways will have a contingency plan in place for you. Your flight could be merged into another flight the same day. 

11 June 2017 Strike has been suspended for talks.
2 June 2017 British Airways 2,900 mixed fleet cabin crew Unite union workers back to strike action over benefits not being reinstated - travel concessions and discounted travel. 
Four day strike action to start Friday, 00.01 hours, 16 June 2017 till 23:59 hours Monday 19 June, 2017. Contact British Airways your flight may be changed. British Airways will get you to your destination same day of travel. Our BA Strike page

British Airways Heathrow Airport 

Southern Rail - Gatwick Airport Strike Cancellled
Gatwick Express
Gatwick Express strike
Tuesday and Wednesday August 1st and 2nd
Friday 4th August, 2017.
Gatwick Express has a notice up
Southern Rail Strike
Strike cancelled! Great news.
Update:-Wednesday July 19, RMT union cancel strike action. ASLEF drivers strike still on.
By RMT union rail drivers and Aslef union drivers.
Strike starts Tuesday, 1st August 00:01 hours ending Wednesday the second of August 23:59 hours.
Friday the 4th of August 00:01 - 23:59 hours.
Greater Anglia 
Greater Anglia conductors will be balloted whether or not to take strike action. Greater Anglia railway goes to:-Southend Airport, Stansted Airport and strike may involve Stansted Express.


Alternative to rail headaches - coach National Express
Stoppages and delay's, you will want to know HeathrowExpress


Rail Strike
Strike starts 6pm Monday, 14 August 2017 till midnight Tuesday. Service for freight, local and international trains will be halted See Helsinki Times

Welcome to the basement.

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"What to Do if an Airline Strike Cancels Your Flight"

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We can't answer this one "Have kids ever gone on strike?"
How to reassure a passenger if the fuel runs out?
We don't know "Where to buy Lucky Strikes in Tunisia?"

Easy Travel Report 
Industrial Action Strike Guide for 2017

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Give us suggestions. Are we on the right track? What would you like to see? Keep it clean! We hope you've found this information useful. Help us get the word out.

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Viewer called us the drudge of travel, very witty... We wish.
Another viewer "not exactly drop dead gorgeous, but gets the point across" and another "A really useful site (though guaranteed to give you a few sleepless nights!!!). Will definitely check regularly on this one".

Jeez, thanks..

Another viewer
I appreciate what you are doing and I agree totally with your sentiment.
I am an international traveler for business on average one international trip a week, all year long.(maybe more lately).

I have been extremely inconvenienced like yourselves. I have slept on the floor in Narita airport, I have been treated as an animal in a mob of passengers at Milan Malpensa, and scrambled for an emergency place to
stay near JFK, etc, etc.

Can't you just feel this passengers pain.

From Karen:-I just want to thank you for the warning...unfortunately, I did not heed it, and my husband and I, traveling from Nice to Savona, Italy, were kicked off the train at the last stop in France, Menton, along with 3 others, with no prior warning of any troubles ahead. There WAS a strike in Italy, and we had to catch a cruise that evening, so ended up splurging on a taxi to Savona. But this is a great website...keep up the good work!! We went to the Nice train station to buy tickets a couple of days before we planned to travel to Savona, and I even asked at that time if there was any word of a strike in Italy.  The man looked at me and said in a very disinterested manner, "We do not know about Italy.  We sell French tickets.".   Well, OK then!!  
Our table mates on the ship had a flight cancellation on Iberia for their return, which was to be on Easter Sunday.  They ended up leaving the ship early, in Marseille, in order to get home.  Too bad....
Do you have a particular app that you can't live without?
​Why do we leave information up you ask? Because travel agents, insurance companies and passengers refer to it. 

We get emails on a regular basis asking did this strike really happen or I need proof it happened?

Cruise Critic Forum
I just came across this site - http://www.easytravelreport.com/index.html - looks to be helpful if you want to have a backup plan.
Thanks for the info. Plan to save the site and check it from time to time. Every travel agent in this world should use it also.

Penny Ciocchi @ Easy Travel Report
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**Warning, Travel Alert, Travel Advisory 
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 Shaky Airlines

Ask yourself, should I book a ticket with these airlines? These companies are embedded, entrenched with industrial disputes and have threatened strikes for when you are going to travel!
Air Berlin
Air France
Air India
Air Malta
Air Zimbabwe
American Airlines
Arik Air
British Airways
Austrian Airlines
Czech Airlines
Iberia Airlines
Kenya Airways
Kuwait Airways  
Liat Airlines
Lot Polish Airlines
Lufthansa Airlines
South African Airlines
Spirit Airlines
TAP Air Portugal

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​July 2016  I am airline staff and I find more information here than on company advisories for travel ... I go to France so often you have saved me last minute scrambling for a plan .... keep up the outstanding site and thanks from a lot of colleagues I have passed this onto ...

June 2016 As a frequent flyer to Europe your info is invaluable to us.
Thanks for the info. Plan to save the site and check it from time to time. Every travel agent in this world should use it also. Nice compliment found on Cruise Critic forum 
May 2015 New review nice http://www.telegraaf.nl

So Avoid all your strikes during holidays
All papers regularly, suitcases packed and the house is on side. You're ready for your vacation and head towards the airport. Where you really do not fancy, is an unexpected strike at the airport. Fortunately, you can at home enough to figure out through a convenient web site, so you will not be confronted with unpleasant surprises.
With the holiday season approaching, the chance of latency. But it gets worse if your flight is canceled completely, for example by a strike. That happened to a lot of travelers in 2014, with strikes at Lufthansa and KLM partner Air France. In 2015, the chances of flights canceled suddenly also provided.
Just before the website is easytravelreport.com created. The page displays a country where at the moment strikes, but also countries which are risky in that area. Not only airlines but also by other carriers. The site warns especially for France. French air traffic controllers union is vehemently against the retrenchment of employment - a plan of the government. The eyes are focused on the Italian air traffic controllers, who have threatened to strike.

From Dee
We found your fantastic site two weeks after leaving our luggage at Brussels airport due to the May, 2013 'industrial action'. Along with 78,000 other pieces of luggage, our 2 were eventually returned, once we were home, four weeks later. We were not informed of the 'industrial action' when we checked in in Rome, thank you Brussels Airlines. So we, experienced travellers of 30+ years, learned the hard way that we have to inform ourselves. And your site is excellent. We have sent it to many, many people. Keep up the fantastic work! - Sincerely, thankful Canadians

May I just say how wonderful your website is and how it has helped me this year. I travel to Europe quite frequently and with all the strikes in France and Italy particularly, it has been an incredible help and always so topical - much more so in fact than the individual airlines webpages.

I have recommended it to several of my friends. Thank you so much for making life that much easier!

Very best wishes

Be aware largest transport project in Australia effecting routes to Sydney airport. Allow extra time West Connex Road Project ends 2019

Italian strikes
Over the years we've learned:-
Take a picture of the departure board, with time and date of cancellations. Document everything.

Save all receipts, you never know.

Put airline phone number in your phone as sometimes it's easier to call them when you have 30 people in front of you at the check out desk.

Before you leave/book. Know which other airlines are going your way.

Wear as many clothes as possible and pack just hand luggage.
(If an airport security strike is going on, less stuff you have in hand luggage the better. You want to get through security as fast as possible. You will be stressed by the queue and it's possible your flight will leave without you)

Make sure you have room on your credit card to put the expense of another flight on it and it probably won't be a low cost flight! Expect more costs for your luggage.

Competing airlines love it when your airline strikes. It's not unusual for them to up the price fares at this time and add extra flights or planes with larger passenger capacity.

When Spanish air traffic control went on strike a few years ago. Only hotels available were the really, really expensive high end or hotel's you wouldn't put your enemy in.

When German Lufthansa Airline strike, rental cars across Germany get yet more expensive and scarce.

Tube strikes
Put together by a real human 
Penny Ciocchi.
Not a news aggregator, with the same old, same old.

Only link to articles that interest me.

Tube strikes
Dublin Airport Negotiaitons
Sunday 11 June 2017 Here's the latest from union boss
The Independant

30 April, 2017 Pay attention workers at Dublin Airport reject wage offer.

February 1, 2017 Uber is coming to town after ban in 2014. New service will use licensed drivers, is called Uber X. 30% - 40% less than a regular taxi, 5 euro minimum fare and brings competition to Cabify. Roll out starts in Madrid. Barajas to town center 20 euros.

​Spanish Airport Strike
Aena strike company that runs Spanish airports.
Aena union workers (CC.OO, UGT and US0, thousands of members combined) will strike from Friday, 15 September, 2017 if they do not get a response on talks by August 16th. (15th August is a public holiday)
Strike will consist of 25 days of strike action, 24 hours long lasting till 30 December, 2017.
September 15, 17, 22, 24 and 29th.
October 1, 6, 11, 15, 27, 30 and 31st. (Oct 12, public holiday)
November 3rd and 5th. (November 1 public holiday)
December 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30th. (December 6th, 8th and 25th public holidays)

Airport Security A Coruña Airport and Santiago de Compostela Airport
Two other airports have reported partial strike action by airport security starting 20 August 2017 that is A Coruña Airport and Santiago de Compostela Airport..

Barcelona Airport Security Strike
Take of photo of yourself with queue and airport clock in the same photo when you arrive, for any claims. Airport security company Eulen manages 27 airports in Spain.
​Next strikes are due Friday and Sunday, August 11 and 13 and 14th on.

13 August 2017 Sunday, Spanish civil guard will be working tomorrow, hopefully speeding queues up for you.

Update:-10 August Thursday No kumbaya moment
Workers voted today, Thursday to reject new wage deal and maintain strikes for tomorrow, Sunday and indefinite strike from Monday on.  We do have some more information for you. 90% of service is to be kept. The lines will be moving.

Meeting and voting started for 350 workers, at 11am. Waiting.

Update:-Tuesday 8 August, 2017 New proposal made, workers will vote on it Thursday. Things are looking up.

Update:-Monday 7 August 2017 Meeting yesterday, (9 hours) company offer 7.7% per month wage increase - 155 euros, union members looking for 350 euro increase and reinforcements. New recruits are not being trained to man scanners. More meetings with Generalitat Department of Labor mediators Monday.
Check in counters an hour wait today.

​Update:-Friday, 4 August 2017  Strike indefinite from Monday 14th August.
Aena (run airport) hit back with 2 legal complaints that could hit Eulen the airport security company with 150,000 each fee/penalty.

Update:-3 August, 2017 Eulen workers have given legal notice for yet more torturous strike action. It's not good news. Workers at a meeting today voted overwhelmingly for 100% strike action starting 14th 15th of August. More details to be sorted out.

Update:-1 August 2017 Spanish government news conference today.  Asks all parties to resolve issues before they go on holiday and leave with this mess un-resolved. Bad weather today causing delays.

​31 July 2017 Airport security company Eulen will have "partial" airport security strikes this Friday August 4th, Sunday and Monday the 7th of August, 2017.
Total of four hours per day. What a mess. 
5:30am to 6:30am
10:30am to 11:30am
4:30pm - 5:30pm
6:30pm - 7:30pm No minimal service will be in place and workers threaten 10 minutes per person for security.
Workers will paralyze and collapse Barcelona El Prat airport. Good luck. Try to stay calm. Be ready for long queues through airport security and passport control. Bring a bottle of water, phone charger and snacks... Tough on the kids and elderly.
If leaving from Barcelona Airport get to the airport 4 - 5 hours before. With very little hand luggage. This past week-end estimations are that 1,000 passengers have missed flights.
We will update if this gets cancelled. Expect more strike dates to come.
Our Barcelona El Prat airport strike page

Barcelona El Prat and Madrid Barjas Airport
10 May 2017 AENA announce extra staff, National Police, will be added to passport control during the summer, Madrid Barajas Airport and Barcelona El Prat. You should also find 350 extra more automatic reading machines.
Schengen changes in rules and regulations co-insides with tourist season. Due to new anti-terrorist measures passengers show ID at exit and entry to Schengen area.

​Spanish Rail Strike
AVE and RENFE long distant trains. Strike will not effect the running of trains only on board services i.e. public address system and entertainment. Bring reading matter. Nothing mentioned about food or toilet facilities.
Strike to start Friday, 10 am August 11th till Tuesday, 1am 15th August, 
Strike not popular with union members. 


Madrid Airport Strike
Airport security strike by The Autonomous Union of Workers of Security Companies (ATES). For security company Prosegur. To get through airport security, limit your hand luggage. Be prepared for flight delays. 
No doubt it will be a real mess.
Next three week-ends including Monday’s.
July 14. 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23 24, 28, 29, 30th and 31st  
Strike hours:-
5:30 am to 6:30am
10:30 am to 11:30 am
2pm to 3pm and 7pm - 8pm.
Madrid Metro - Metro de Madrid
10 July 2017 400 Metro Madrid security workers on lines 1, 3 and 6 will strike indefinitely starting Wednesday, 19 July 2017. (Not sure if this will have any effect on you) 
​29 May 2017 Madrid Metro Line 5 will be closed 3 July, till beginning of September 2017

Costa del Sol
​Malaga Airport Strike
 Wednesday 21 June 2017 Malaga Airport security strike, 10am - noon every Thursday and Friday. Strike starts tomorrow. If you are leaving from Malaga, make sure you get to the airport early 3 hours minimum before your flight is to leave. Keep hand luggage to a minimum. Stay in close contact with your airline. If you are landing in Malaga be ready for a long wait to get through airport security and customs. Updates Malaga Airport strike 

Spanish Taxi Strike
Update:-For Barcelona
Strike date brought up
Barcelona will be at a standstill
Update:-Barcelona taxi strike is now planned for Thursday 27 July 2017 instead of the 29th and 31st as previously planned. Strike will last for 24 hours. 
The plan is a “slow march” which will collapse the infrastructure around the Barcelona el Prat airport and Port of Barcelona interfering with cruise passengers.

March will concentrate around Prat Airport, Metropolitan area, Ministry of Works Fomento and Port of Barcelona. 

Two more taxi driver protests are planned Saturday, July 29th and Monday the 31st (possible Metro strike same day) of July and from then on an indefinite strike is planned. Strike will be nationwide, so make travel plans accordingly.
Barcelona Taxi Strike


Ibiza Airport Security Strike
Ibiza Prosegur Security workers strike indefinitely from 
00:01 hours 18 July, 2017. Skeleton service will be in effect. 
Call your airline it may not use Prosegur workers. If leaving from Ibiza get to the airport minimum of three hours early to get through airport security. Keep hand luggage to bare minimum, then be prepared for a flight delay. 

Spanish National Rail Renfe 

​Spanish air traffic control quiet - July 2017
Spanish air traffic control USCA 

Spanish national railway RENFE and ADIF 
​Renfe communication notices

Heads up, Spain is on maximum level of security

If anything comes in regarding these individual airports we will 
update on :-
Alicante Airport strikes
Madrid Airport Strikes
Barcelona El Prat
Palma de Mallorca 
Malaga Airport Strikes


El Al Unreliable Airline
Ben Gurion Airport
Call El Al to confirm your flight
El Al in Israel 03-977-1111 
El Al Departures board

Aigle Azur and General
Your Airline
Your Airport
Always keep an eye on this page when traveling to Italy. Taking an Italian train? Always book what's called a guaranteed train ie:- strike proof. Book it well in advance. 

Strikes frequently get cancelled last minute.

What will the weather be?

Heads up if you are flying with Alitalia it has gone/going bankrupt. 
Airline looking for government funding. Airline is in dire straits, don't book with them. Airline is pushing, tempting us with some really cheap flights if you dare. If you have the stomach and have extra room on your credit card for emergencies you can get some great deals. 2,000 baggage handlers to be let go.

Call in Italy 800.65.00.55
Out of the country 39.06.65649 or your travel agent.
(24 April, 2017 Union members vote no to a new cost cutting deal, nail in the coffin)

MeridianaFly  Phone 892 928 and from abroad 44 2038681778   

Malpensa Express
Italylogue is a very helpful site regarding Italian Rail
Alitalia Strikes (November 2016 Alitalia 1,500 workers in fear of being made redundant)
Italian Air Traffic control Enav

​February 2, 2016 New smoking rules for Italy. Smoking in a car with children or pregnant women 500 euros $546 fine. Drop a cigarette butt outside and it will cost you 300 euros.

Check out Italy Beyond the Obvious Madeline Jhawar, this lady knows her business.

Are you flying with Air Malta? Management asking pilot's to fly more hours. Airline is in dire straights Malta today

Portuguese airport control suffering from lack of inspectors summer 2017. Be prepared for four hour wait time or less, particularly if leaving form a Portuguese airport.

3 Strikes you might have to worry about

Portuguese Passport Control 
The inspectors of the Aliens and Borders Service (SEF) will be on strike Thursday and Friday, August 24 and 25, 2017.
Hours, times to be announced.
More Chaos
​10 August 2017 Announced yesterday, SATA Air Azores and Azores Airline crews will strike every day from this Friday (11th August) every time management breaks rules and regulations. Mainly, flight crews sometimes have no idea if they are coming home for the night. (Crew shortages). Vague.
Regarding strike next week, 23 - 26 August, company has stopped selling tickets two days before and after strike action, protecting passengers from over booking.

SATA and SATA Azores airline strike
SATA Air Açores 9 Islands will have flights cancelled or delayed. Ponta Delgada always gets hit badly.
Here we go again. It's confirmed.
Viewer Tony notified us.

National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC)
Airline cabin crews will strike from Wednesday, 23 August 2017 till Saturday.

Jeez, thanks a lot Tony.


Lisbon Baggage Handlers Strike
Workers who work for Ground force baggage handling company will strike 3 pm - 6pm on Wednesday, 26 July, 2017. Union up in arms over Groundforce competition such as Groundling and Ryanair.
Strike will effect Lisbon Airport and possibly Porto, Funchal, Faro and Porto Santo. Stay in close contact with your airline. Ryanair has it's own handling.
​Groundforce provides service to 150 airlines, along with baggage handling, airport security, cleans aircraft, maintains equipment and ground transport.

Sitava union warns contract with TAP Airlines coming to an end without a new agreement.

Lisbon Metro Strike - Metropolitano de Lisboa
Workers will strike for 24 hours -
Tuesday 1st August and Thursday 3rd of August, 2017. Trains will power down the night before 11:30pm or earlier.

Lisbon Metro 
Green line, Arroios Station closed for repairs till 2019 MAP

​TAP Airline
These workers will make TAP airline passengers life hell from June 3, 2017 to October 1, 2017. 
TAP Portugal had a 35% increase in passengers this April and this way they are thanked. Stay in touch with TAP Portugal airline your flight could well be delayed or brought forward.

Powerful CGTP Union planning general strike, no date set yet.

​Portuguese Airport Security Strike
This week-end 23rd and 24th June, 2017
SITAVA union workers
Two airport security companies Prosegur and Securitas workers will strike for 48 hours. All airports will be involved including Azores and Madeira.
Likely to have skeleton crews working. To get through airport security quicker, put everything in luggage, keep hand luggage to a minimum. If leaving from Portugal get to your airport minimum three hours before your flight. 
Update:-Faro Airport strike action will start earlier than other Portuguese airports and strike will end Sunday morning in Lisbon and Oporto. It's possible the early start could happen at other airports really depends on the shifts.

Saturday 29 April, 2017 Portuguese airport security, Union of Aviation Workers and Airports (Sitava), Prosegur and Securitas company workers threaten strike action between May 13 -17th at all Portuguese airports. 
This includes Azores and Madeira May 12th and 13th May when the Pope visits Fatima shrine.
May 13 -17, 2017 union is arranging 24 hour strikes. 
Get to your Portuguese airport at least three hours early. Bring minimum hand luggage to get through customs fast. Stay in close contact with your airline. 
This is an old dispute which has been going on what seems like for years. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail at the last minute and knock sense into them. Skelton screw (freudian slip, oops) will be in place.

Air Austral
Launching new route Saint-Denis to Marseille October 2017. Pilot’s will hold a referendum for indefinite strike action that may start at the end of June.

Greek Strikes
​Strike actions down this year, 2017, noticeably. If your flight is delayed leaving Greece it's because of over capacity. Great summer for tourism industry. Enjoy.

Olympic and Aegean list  for cancellations
See NOP to see if Greek air traffic controllers join in

Do you need help in Thessaloniki? See Nikos Mitrou

National airlines:-Olympic and Aegean  

​​Informative sites
ourairports Thessaloniki 
Athens airport
​Athens flights delayed today? see ourairports
Greek Newspaper in English:-Ekathimerini
Also for great information Living in Greece

Airline Strike, Airport Strike, Air Traffic Control Strike, Airport Security, Strike Action, Industrial Action

Transportation Strikes at  
​Easy Travel Report
British Airways
Christmas and Barcelona
Airport Security
French general strike is planned for Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Air France Pilot Strike
Air France pilot strike is planned from 9th to 12th of September, 2017.
In line with the general strike.
Striking pilots belong to SPAF pilot union, which is considered a minor union compared to SNPL-ALPA which has 50% or more of Air France pilots enrolled with. Momentum may encourage other Air France unions to join in.

Air France management can easily cover this strike action. Trouble comes as these dates will coincide with a French general strike. If the pilot's don't get you other aviation unions workers will.

Aigle Azur Strike
1 August 2017 Flight attendants and stewards have given notice for strike action. Strike action starts today 1 August 2017 - 31st October, 2017.
Call airline 0810797997
call center@aigle-azur.fr
Aigle Azur http://www.aigle-azur.com/
Second largest airline in France. 300 flights a week.
Based in Orly Airport. Popular routes Algeria, France, Portugal, Switzerland.
(strike same time as last year, but by pilot's)

30 July 2017 Vueling, 65 flight attendants based in Paris, Orly Airport, under French contract, start strike action today till August 6th, 2017. Negotiations on going Vueling Airline Strike

HOP Airline Strike 
HOP pilots threaten more strike action. Decision to be made July 26, 2017.
For updates if any see HOP Airline strike page


Air France Strike - Corsica
Airport Strike
Now it's Bastia - Poretta Airport's turn.
Update:-Friday 2 June 2017 Bastia-Poretta Airport strike by CGT Air France workers. Help desk, check in, baggage handlers.
​Will effect HOP, Air France and Air Corsica. Air France state will not effect flights, help will be on hand. Not sure if this is just this week-end or indefinite.

Announced today Friday 28 April, 2017 Air France ground crews, at Ajaccio - Napoleon Bonaparte (Campo dell’Oro) Airport. 
Will strike Saturday's (only) till 27 May, 2017 from 1:30pm - 5:30pm
Will not effect Poretta Airport

Two unions involved CGT and STC trade unions for Air France. Business up 70% in the summer months, 200 additional flights! With AF cut backs in place, 13 full time workers took voluntary redundancy pay. Now understaffed..
Air France routes:- Paris - Orly
Will it effect HOP?

Keep your eye on the big guns NOP
Watch DSNA blog they will update with whose working that day
Air France
Union CGT (in French) 
This site Flightradar.com gives you a good picture of flight delays - your airport

Do you need help? Try Kimberly at http://theparisitinerary.com/ she knows whats what in Paris.

Passport control and SATA Group
May 2017 Travel + Leisure Latest on avoiding baggage fees at Delta Airlines

Chicago Train Workers
Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
Covers Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Chicago L and CTA bus service.
10 July 2017 No contract for 18 months. Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308 workers vote overwhelmingly for strike action. Chicago train drivers highest paid in the nation. No date set for strike action, yet.
Still be prepared book your shuttle, Limo and cancel closer when necessary. Extra traffic on roads, traffic jams. (You never know, taxi's may join in) 

Spirit Airlines
9 May 2017 Follow along with us Spirit Airline pilot strike
8 May 2017 Just what is going on with this airline? For weeks now we've been getting emails from disgruntled passengers.

8 May, 2017 Monday Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport yesterday 9 cancelled Spirit flights. 5 inbound and 4 outbound. Passengers on long lines for three hours. Airline state flights cancelled due to crew availability and weather around the country, not pilot strike action.

Once news crew showed up 6:30pm lines moved. In fact they were moved to Palm Beach International (PBIA). PBIA unable to accommodate them. Some passengers slept at the airport.. Thousands of passengers stranded in Las Vegas per Twitter.


American Airlines flight attendants loose wage dispute Dallas News

November 2016 New York stiffest fines in the country, $7,500 against Airbnb renters who rent out longer than 30 days Times Union

Easy Travel Report.Com  "Priceless Travel Information" a travel guide!
Transportation strikes for 2015. We just want to give you the "Heads Up" of a potential travel disruption, disaster! Find out whose ripe for industrial action. Check here first, even before you've bought your airline ticket. Be prepared for next trip. 2016 shaping up to be contentious between shareholders, unions and employees.

We are always looking for guest bloggers ie:- Tell us your travel experiences good and bad.