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30 March 2016 Wild cat strike tomorrow planned by Finnish train drivers yie.fi
French air traffic control strike planned 31 March 2016.

Old strikes from 2015
Finnish train strike is planned for September 22, 2015
Air traffic controllers will strike causing all kinds of delays.
Allegro long distance train Helsinki to St Petersburg likely to be delayed as well. Finnish Trains Follow along with us www.easytravelreport.com

Strikes from 2011
22 June 2011 Strike by Finland's national rail carrier VR yle.fi

Strikes from 2010
3, December, 2010 VR adding trains and train carriages due to Finnair strike and Independence day long weekend.

7 August, Friday, Railway Workers Union and the Railway Salaried Staff's Union, are considering a 24 hour industrial action, that would begin on Sunday night, 9 August, 09.  If it happens expect all Finnish train travel to come to a complete stop.

Last time
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Pilot strike by Finnair starting November the 16th. 

Tuesday, 16 June, 09 Trains back to normal, commuters opted to stay home.  Over night trains did not run and the 05:30 Pendolino from Jyväskylä to Tampere.

June 15 The schedule train service between Russia and Finland has been changed.
The Leo Tolstoy train that left Moscow for Helsinki at 10. 55 pm Sunday ran as far as Vainikkala only from there the  train passengers were brought to the destination by other vehicles. On Monday the same train due to return from Helsinki will depart from Vainikkala instead of Helsinki. Passengers booked for the train will be brought from Helsinki to Vainikkala by other vehicles.Besides, the St. Petersburg- Helsinki direct train service provided by the Repin and the Sibelius trains has been canceled altogether. Trains scheduled to depart from Russia and Finland on June 16 will operate according to usual train schedule. 

6/13/09 Services from Ostrabothnia to Helsinki are booked to capacity 

6/12/09 Train:-Finnish train strike, labor unions 24 hour industrial action, starting Sunday, 3am early hours of Monday 15, June,09. Passenger and cargo trains will be idle. Traveling by rail to Russia is canceled. For passengers to Russia, VR will charter buses from Helsinki to the Vainikkala border station.Most night trains scheduled to be en route when the strike is scheduled to begin will go to their final destinations. However, night trains en route from northern stations via Helsinki to Turku, which will stop in Helsinki. Likewise, the train from Helsinki to Kemijärvi will stop in Rovaniemi. VR will give refunds for Monday's travel.with no charge.  Holders of one-month passes will also be compensated for the missing day. VR  will restart again on Tuesday June 16 at 3 a.m. 

Buses:-Extra buses will be put on, particularly Metropolitan area of Helsinki.  Long distant coaches will be available.

By Road:-Expect severe congestion around metropolitan areas.  In fact local governments saying stay home, have nice long weekend! All roads into Helsinki will be blocked. Expect long traffic jams on the city’s ring roads.

Helsinki Vantaa International Airport make sure you confirm your flight! Get to airport early. Perhaps sleep in hotel in/near airport Finnair web site and Helsinki Vantaa International Airport Finnair will provide larger planes for increase in passengers.

6/11/09 Finnish Railway Workers Union 14,000 members and the Railway Salaried Staff's Union, 1,500 white-collar including traffic controllers will decide Thursday if strike will be set. If so expect Finnish train travel to come to a complete stop.

VR in May announced plans for temporary redundancies of 1,400 office workers at its cargo unit. 200,000 people use VR's trains each day. VR employs about 12,600 workers.

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Finnish public holidays

Does this mean Allegro high speed rail to St. Petersburg is on strike also?
What about Finnair, are they on strike?

Railway Workers Union chairman Vesa Mauriala, 14,000 members, also includes conductors from the state run railway VR

Finnish Locomotivemen's Union.

Railway Salaried Staff's Union, 1,500 white-collar employees, including traffic controllers.

Finnish Locomotivemen's Union the train drivers will not be participating in this strike, same as last time.

Leo Tolstoy train

Helsinki - Vantaa Airport

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