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4 March High Court Judge rules in favour of union. Serco must now pay union £100,000, that's got to hurt. 19 Jan High Court deems strike to be illegal. Your good to go. They will be back.
18, Jan new update unions in meeting today.
Update:-Ballot results in, DLR will strike 48 hours starting 4am Thursday, 20, January till 4am Saturday 22, January
12/15/ 2010 Dockland Light Railway Serco strike,  workers being balloted, results due in 11 January, 2011. Back again, you know this time it will go ahead. 
Do check our front page as to "Who else is on strike today?" What will the weather be like
7/21 Docklands Light Railway, strikes called off.

Docklands Light Railway strike, three 24 hours, starting Friday, 4am, July 23, next Tuesday, 4am, 27, July, and Friday, August 6, 4am.  Also refusing to work any overtime between 12:01 a.m. on July 22 and 12:01 a.m.

Strike cancelled.
DLR to strike, 23, June, 2010 for three days, in conjunction with London underground. For London Underground strike follow along.

28, September, 09 Strike called off, talks over the weekend, no details given. 

25, September, 09 Union RMT announced control room staff employed by Serco on the Docklands Light Railway will take 48 hours of strike action from 12.40 hours on Wednesday 30th September through to 12.39 hours on Friday 2nd October.

Serco Docklands control room staff will also implement an overtime ban from 12.40 hours on Wednesday 30th September until further notice.

RMT members voted overwhelmingly in a ballot for both strike action. Issue involves shift changes from a 12 hour roster to an 8 hour roster

12/15/08  Workers on London's Docklands Light Railway (DLR) are to be balloted next week,  for industrial action in a row over new rosters, working conditions, rest days

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Did you know Docklands Light Railway runs driverless? Control centre in Poplar. There are five branches: to Lewisham in the south, to Stratford in the north, to Beckton and to Woolwich Arsenal in the east, and to Central London, splitting to serve Bank and Tower Gateway. Although the layout allows many different combinations of routes, at present the following four are operated in normal service:
    * Stratford to Lewisham
    * Bank to Lewisham
    * Bank to Woolwich Arsenal
    * Tower Gateway to Beckton

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