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London Underground strike,  2010, 2011 London travel, holidaymakers, bothered by maintenance workers strike,  Piccadilly Line, Northern Lines and Jubilee Line. Now Docklands Light Railway. RMT union strike, UK, vacation?
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10,000 LU union members from RMT and TSSA have voted for rolling strikes. No overtime will happen.

Station and revenue staff, operational managers, drivers and signallers, 24 hours, starting 9pm.
Monday September 6
and same time, same place for:-
Sunday October 3
Tuesday November 2 YES STRIKE IS ON
BA press release:-There will be reduced tube services to and from London Heathrow airport starting at 19:00 on Tuesday 2 November, due to planned 24 hour strikes.Underground services will not return to normal until the morning of  Thursday 4 November. Please ensure you leave plenty of time to travel to the airport)
Heathrow airport parking

Sunday November 28

Maintenance and engineering staff (X Metronet) all 24 hours all starting 5pm
Monday, 6, September,
Sunday, 3, October,
Tuesday, 2,  November
Sunday, 28,  November
All overtime cancelled. TfL plans to axe 800 station-staff jobs and to cut ticket-office opening times by 7,500 hours a week across the network

19, August, Ballot results in TSSA union 3-1 in favour, strike likely next month.
11, Aug. Ballot in, 76% vote for strike and 88% for action just shy of a strike.  Will co-inside with TSSA vote due next week.

London underground workers being balloted, results due in Wednesday, August 11,

Old stuff
Wednesday, 23, June, 2010 Bon Jovi concert at 02 arena
Thursday, 24, June, 2010 Wimbledon Championships, 2nd Round

24, June, 2010 Passengers got lucky today, minimal disruptions.
23, June, Wednesday, national railway strike is still on for this evening. Judge refuses to block strike. Tfl state transport will run as normal, with disruptions at Northern and Piccadilly Lines. See Tfl live travel news.
22, June, 2010 DLR strike called off, BUT, underground strike is still on.22, June, 2010 TfL, last minute talks underway.
21, June, 2010 London underground and DLR strike is still on.
11, June, 2010 Just to add fuel to the fire Docklands Light Railways to strike June, 23 for three days. eye on Heathrow and Gatwick Expresses.

9, June, 2010 Two 24 hour strikes dates have been announced. First starting, Wednesday, 7pm on June 23 and again starting Wednesday, 7pm on July 14. Union warning "severe consequences" accross all networks.
7, June, 2010 London Tube strike, coming for the summer.  Holidaymaker's be ready.  No date set as yet. RMT union have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action, 9-1.Union members working for private contractor Tube Lines which has now been taken over by Transport for London (TFL) fear layoffs.

Tube Lines managed maintenance for the following stations, Piccadilly Line, (used for Heathrow Airport), Northern Lines and Jubilee Line.
Jubilee Line users can use The Docklands Light Railway (London City Airport) and Central Line will take people to the city centre.

Union no doubt testing new coalition government. Here's what  RMT Statement has to say.

If strike goes ahead look for TFL to put on extra buses, taxi shortage and regular buses over crowded.  Great alternative is The Thames for ferries or rent a bike.
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London underground will strike Boxing Day, 12/26. Start making alternative plans