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Airport Strike 2017
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2017

​Naples airport in the news again. We have some updates for you.

First 14 December, 2017 An Italian nationwide taxi strike is to take place between 8am and 10pm. Be prepared for congestion around city center, train stations, ports and airports. Give yourself plenty of time to get to Naples airport. You know how bad Naples traffic is on a regular basis.
Following day Italian air traffic control strike, Ryanair strike, Vueling Airline strike you name it. You need to check our front page as transportation strikes are also planned Easy Travel Report 


May 15, 2017 Did you know Naples has two volcanoes, be prepared

Next Italian air traffic control strike
Easy Travel Report

Be prepared for delays getting to and from Naples Airport.

Update:-Wednesday April 19, 2017 Great news. All aviation across Italy for the 21st of April have been cancelled.
Stay in touch www.easytravelreport.com all these strikes will be re-planned.
​​​​Alitalia Strike
Will effect flights from Naples Airport and worldwide.
​​Heads up! Alitalia strike is planned for Wednesday April 5, 2017. 00:01 - 23:59. Expect your flight to be brought forward, delayed or worse cancelled. Several thousand Alitalia workers to be let go. 

Air Traffic Control
Monday, 20 March 2017 Italian air traffic control strike 1pm - 5pm is still on. Your flight could be brought forward, delayed or worse cancelled. Call your airline.
Alitalia has notice up


​Naples Airport
Naples airport personnel will strike between 11am and 3pm 
23 February, 2017. For this and other aviation strikes that day see www.easytravelreport.com
Naples public transportation strike, Friday February 10, 2017 It’s a big one. Bus, Metro and funiculars will stop work for 24 hours.  
Make sure you give yourself plenty time getting to Naples Airport. Extra traffic on road and horrendous traffic jams. Taxi’s will be hard to find.
Strikes that effected Naples airport in 2016
27 May 2016 Heads up
Several strikes this week
French air traffic control strikes
EasyJet baggage handlers at Naples airport 

Heads up Monday September 14, 2015
air traffic controllers will announce possible strike action Spanish air traffic control strikes

  Italian Air Traffic Control Strike
Italian air traffic control will strike Friday May 16, 2014. Italian air space will be closed for one hour 2-3pm local time. Call your airline for details.

Friday, 21st March 2014 Naples, aviation workers at Naples airport will strike from 10am-6pm, ground workers.

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