La Palma Airport Strike, Canary Islands, Spain
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     Santa Cruz airport strike, Canaries

​Friday 18 May, 2018 We've got some aviation strikes that might effect your flight to and form La Palma Airport, Spain. Marseille airport strikes
French air traffic control strikes
Barcelona air traffic control strikes
and Greek general strike. Stay in close contact with your airline. Read Easy Travel Report

​Flight delays effecting La Palma last year 2017
 ​ Are you flying to a Berlin Airport from La Palma Airport? 2,000 ground workers on strike tomorrow, 8 February, 2017 see

Strikes from 2015
Spanish air traffic controllers will strike.
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Update:- Saturday 11 July 2015 Flights to Santa Cruz Airport from Madrid between 6pm and 9pm - Iberia, British Airways, American Airways, S7 Airlines are delayed already.

Update:-8 July 2015 80% of flights by law must leave during these strike hours.

Update:-7 July 2015 Meeting to take place tomorrow (Wednesday) decision to be made over minimum service. At the moment 80% of controllers must attend work.
29 June 2015 New Spanish air traffic control dates are in. Local times.
Saturday 11 July 2015 10am - 1pm
Sunday 12 July 2015 5pm - 8pm
Saturday 25 July 2015 10am - 1pm
Sunday 26 July 2015 5pm - 8pm
Follow along with us at Spanish air traffic control strike 2015

Spain, Spanish Baggage Handlers Strike
3,500 workers who work for Globalia who own Groundforce baggage handling company will strike starting from July 4, 2015.
Passengers flying on these airlines will be effected:-Aeroflot, Aerolineas Argentinias, Aeromexico, Etihad Airways, Korean Air, Saudia, Air France - KLM, Alitalia, Lot, and Lufthansa.
These airports will be effected. Hopefully it’s not yours.
All local times
Barcelona El Prat:-Every Friday 8am - 10am and 7pm - 9pm
Bilbao:- Every Monday 11am - 1pm and 5pm - 7pm
Madrid:-Every Sunday Noon- 2pm and 8pm - 10pm
Seville:- Every Thursday Noon - 4pm and 7pm - 9pm

Canary Islands 
Las Palmas:- Every Wednesday 9am - 11am and 4pm - 6pm
North Tenerife:- Every Monday 1pm - 5pm
South Tenerife:- Every Friday 10am - Noon and 4pm - 6pm

Ryanair has a baggage handlers strike going on right now at Madrid Airport. Although Ryanair announce that workers are now back to work, airline is still on alert. Ryanair adjusted to this strike by giving passengers a choice of landing in another airport, change flight to a different day or fly with no luggage. Perhaps your airline will follow a similar routine or use managers as handlers or bring in scabs. 
Old strikes 
      Iberia Airline Strike
Spain, La Palma flights will be delayed or cancelled. Check to see if you are "a chosen one"!

Monday to Friday February 18 - 22
Monday to Friday March 4 - 8
(added to the mix March 5, French air traffic control strike)
Monday to Friday again March 18 - 22
(No strikes planned for Easter Sunday March 31)

February 26 Iberia has flight cancellation lists up. 
March 4 5 6 7 8

February 25 British cabin crew, 600 BASSA union members from British Airways will travel to Madrid to join Iberia workers demonstrations on March 4. British Airways have called for 400 voluntary cabin crew redundancies beginning March 2013. More demonstrations planned Sunday, March 6 at IAG headquarters London.

February 23 One strike for Willy Walsh - 0 for Unions this week. 1,200 flights cancelled, millions of Euros lost. Unions complain they were not noisy enough this week and plan to do better in March to "Move the will of IAG". 70,000 passengers effected, 60,000 moved to different flights or airline, some 10,000 had money back. Minimum service worked out nicely, as well as could be expected for the islands. 
We had very few complaints about Spanish baggage handlers this week. Perhaps this will heat up in March along with pilots.
Flights Air Nostrum Nice Airport

February 21 Again 250 odd flights cancelled today. At a meeting today both parties agreed to having a mediator. Any decisions by the mediator will not be binding. Union will go on with future strike dates.
February 20 Wednesday Meeting lasted 15 minutes today and was fruitless.
Tuesday, February 19 A meeting between Iberia management and unions will take place tomorrow. (don't get your hopes up) Police presence in Madrid Airport.
February 18 Madrid Airport terminal 4, passengers asked to show tickets before entering terminal after police fail to keep some 8, 000 Iberia employees from crashing the terminal.
Update:-February 14 Iberia website has cancellations up. 18 19 20 21 22

Update:-February 13 Iberia pilots will join strike March 4. (320 pilots to be let go) Spanish government rep Ana Pastor putting on a good show working hard to get all parties to work together. 
Update:-February 11 If you purchased your Iberia ticket from a travel agent, make changes with them. If you purchased ticket from Iberia direct call 
902 400 500 or 902 100 488
Here's Iberia notice
Update:- February 6 Strike dates are in.
15 strike days, by ground staff and flight attendants. 23% of workforce to be let go.
Monday to Friday February 18 - 22
Monday to Friday March 4 - 8
Monday to Friday again March 18 - 22
(No strikes planned for Easter Sunday March 31)

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
What's your airport up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2018

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Air Berlin - Berlin-Brandeburg [begins 17 March 2013], Berlin-Tegel [ends 16 March 2013], Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover, Nuremberg
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Jetairfly - Brussels
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Orbest Orizonia Airlines - Barcelona, Bilbao Seasonal: Madrid
Transavia - Amsterdam
Thomas Cook Airlines - Brussels
Thomson Airways - London-Gatwick, Manchester

La Palma Airport Strike