Tuesday, 26 March 2013 Union AIMTC truck drivers back on strike over the price of petrol and insurance. Strike to start April Fools Day. Thousands of trucks will be off the road. Chennai taxi drivers will join in. Tourists will be effected in some shape or form. Meeting to take place Saturday, March 30.

17 August 2011 Another Indian lorry strike is planned to start at midnight tonight. Strike deemed a failure by unions/flop.
Saturday, 4 Dec. 2010 Truck strike called off, deal has been made.

3. Dec. Local governments stepping up strike preparation. All essentials will be escorted by police this time around, ie petrol trucks, diesel and vegetables.  Great article on the Deccan Chronicle

2 Dec. All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) will not call off strike. 

Nov. 1. All out indefinite truck strike starting 5 December, 2010.  Be ready now, start stocking up onions, gas, petrol, flour, peas etc.

Old history, left up so you can see what to expect next time

3/20/10 Transporters in Punjab will join in truck strike.
5, March, 2010, India truck strike, The All India Motor Transport  Congress (AITMC)  indefinite lorry strike from Monday, midnight, April 5 demanding  rollback of  fuel prices. Last time union leaders were jailed and arrested. Diesel now over Rs 2.5 a litre.  Better start stocking up. Going to India for holiday? Beware this has the potential of ruining your trip.Vacation, holiday will be ruined.

9 July, 09 India, Kolkata, deadline 25 July, 2009, transport operators threatening to go an indefinite strike.
Talks with government this Friday over polluting vehicles which are older than 15 years, if found on the road after July 25 would be confiscated. Government has agreed to subsidies and get bank loans. Central and the state governments are investing around 50 per cent of the finance  Bus and taxi operators in same predicament. Banks have not been helpful. 15 yr and older public transportation vehicles may operate outside of Kolkata. Bengal Bus Syndicate say Government not legally empowered to amend the West Bengal Motor Vehicles Rule under West Bengal Motor Vehicles Act. So, the notification under Section 88A of the Motor Vehicles Rule was illegal. 

6 April, 2009 Toll booth fee issue rears ugly head again. All India Motor Transport Congress plan discussions on April 8 in New Delhi wishing for government to open non fee toll lanes. If a favorable decision is not taken, the truckers will go on a protest from April 11.

13 January, 09, Indian transportation strike is only suspended till February 15, ''Jail Bharo', demonstration, agitation starting January 15 

Monday. 12 January, 2009 Big sigh of relief across India today. AIMTC Monday called off its eight-day-old strike, government agreed to consider demands in the next 8 weeks.

The 6 jailed union leaders were denied bail.
Regarding tolls:-No increase on tolls for one year starting July 08 - July 2009
Regarding reduction for tyres:- Government  will offer a detailed report.
Regarding diesel: Government assured AIMTC reps that issue of reduction in diesel prices, will be considered at the highest level. 
Regarding permits:-New committee to be formed under Brahm Dutt, secretary of road and highways.  Concentrating on a national permit system and taxes.

Monday, 12 January, 2009 Day 7. 6 million trucks still off road. Union leaders still in jail. Maharashtra State Tempo Truck Association, trucks are back on the road.  Essentials getting through. Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) asked states to allow private vehicles without permits to carry essential goods. Rajasthan will have a ''Jail Bharo', demonstration, agitation starting January 15. Mainly interstate movement of goods, industrial and export products effected. As expected, vegetables and other perishable items worth over Rs.800 million (Rs.80 crore) have been piled up in Salem, Dharmapuri, Dindigul, Madurai and Cuddalore districts in the state.

Saturday,10 January, 2009 Attention! Government announcement:-diesel prices may be reduced by Rs.3 a litre, petrol, by Rs.5, cooking gas by Rs.20-25 a cylinder and wants to talk with members. (Wait, the leaders are in jail! ) Members refuse to talk till jailed members are released.. AIMTC want to see a reduction of Rs.10 a litre for diesel.

Friday, Update:- 9 January, 09  In Delhi today police arrested the president of AIMTC Charan Singh Lohara and secretary S Venugopa along with 30 members. Union will not negotiate till leaders are released. 
All oil companies back to work. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) 70% of staff reported to work by Saturday all will be back to normal.

Friday, 9 January 09
Millions trucks off road, no end in sight. Madurai, Omni bus operators forced to cut the number of services today and tomorrow due to shortage of diesel.  No public transportation likely in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai. Students may have to miss school. Trains are over flowing. Transport workers had threatened that if ESMA is established they would be ready to go to jail! ESMA (ESMA had expired over a decade ago? )will arrest drivers and trucks will be run by the government. Rickshaws and taxi out of fuel. Be prepared to pay big time for a ride with them.

India Oil Corporation the supplier for aviation turbine fuel had deployed the Territorial Army and senior management at Delhi and Mumbai airports to supervise re-fuelling of aircraft. Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd has gone back to work that and along with Hindustan Petroleum Corp who did not strike nearly half of India's gas stations were operating.  How did this happen you say?  Back to work so soon. Interesting article by special correspondent, The Telegraph, Calcutta, India, Govt breaks oil strike with sack stick

Thursday evening, five state governments, Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh notified the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) to ensure smooth supply of essential commodities. Delhi Police and  Uttar Pradesh police tried to arrest OSOA leaders who had gone to a meeting with Indian Oil Corporation officials.  Unable to enter meeting police issued arrest warrants against Oil Sector Officers Association leaders, including its president.

8 January, 2009 Thursday, Chandigarh vegetable prices are out of control. Onion price doubled, ginger up by third. Tomato, carrot, lemon, apple, banana and orange prices up. Cereals and pulses no price hikes yet.  Late today, long lines at pumps and most gas stations were out. Ambulances and funeral homes on line.

8 January, 2009, Thursday. Day 4. India Oil,Oil Sector Officers Association (OSOA) 50,000 employees of Indian Oil Corp. and other state-run oil companies started an indefinite strike for higher wages yesterday,defying court orders, which is illegal. Oil production has declined to about 270,000 barrels a day from a normal 350,000bpd. That's four refineries and hitting natural gas. Refining subsidiary Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited are on strike.Hindustan Petroleum not joining strike. Pumps might just make it till tomorrow, Delhi perhaps this evening.

Transporters surrender 700 permits. Onion, tomato, ginger and pea prices have doubled up. Onion supply dried up.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) not effected yet.

Wednesday, 7 January, Day 3, food prices on the rise in Delhi, sugar price up. India's Minister for Surface Transport and Shipping TR Baalu asked them to settle.  Still 6 million trucks off road.  Estimated that trucker related employment is 25 million.

Tuesday 6 January, 2009  day 2, empty highways, peaceful. Transporters on strike.

Onions up 20%, beans, potatoes and cucumber increase in price of up to 50%
Milk, petrol, diesel, vegetables and also medicines are not in the strike. First 48 hours only. All trucks would go off the roads Wednesday.

Transport, indefinite strike today sees operators pulling 6 millions of trucks off the roads.  Extended  strike will see essential goods sky rocket, people are starting to hoard.  Sugar trade up north is beginning to suffer, with less trucks. Economy could lose Rs.10 billion (Rs.1,000 crore) daily.10.00 INR = 0.205600 USD

What union members want:-
Diesel prices, looking for a reduction of Rs 10 per litre.
Road tolls, expensive, would like them obliterated!
Truck loans:- struggling to pay loans, would like to see them relaxed for a while, 7,000 trucks have been taken back to dealers.
Tire/Tyres price for rubber has gone down, but tire prices are up.
Taxes:-Abolition of service tax.

Effects around the country
Attari:-No effect.
Bangalore:- worst hit, vegetable prices increase sharply. Onion prices have almost doubled in the city and ginger, garlic are up by Rs 20 rupees.
Chandigarh:- Panic buying, 50-60 trucks carrying vegetables reached the market Monday, while none arrived since Tuesday morning. Shortage of vegetables and prices of many vegetables have already risen.  Normally 500 trucks loaded with vegetables and fruits arrive in Chandigarh everyday from the neighboring states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Prices of guava, keenu and banana have risen by 20%.
Delhi:- Movement of goods and services.have not been able to transport fruits and vegetables to northern states. New Delhi on day 7, fruit and vegtable prices hardly changed.
Dimapur:-Blockade on the Imphal-Mao section of the NH-39 imposed by the Naga People Organisation (NPO) demanding transfer of the DC Senapati.
Goa:-Evokes ESMA
Haldia:- No movement at port.
Haryana:Evoke ESMA, dealing with strikers!
Himachal Pradesh:likely effected by supply of food and grains.
Hyderabad:- Oil tankers were not allowed to enter between 8.30am and 3pm. Petrol, diesel and kerosene are essential commodities. 9th, Jan.90 per cent of petrol pumps are running dry, petrol and diesel are selling 10 litres per vehicle.
'Steel City' Jamshedpur:- Divided, members of Jamshedpur Truck and Trailer Welfare Association stopped taking consignments to other cities today. Unanimously decided against the strike call,decided against taking part in the strike due to the economic slump.
Kashmir Valley, Especially hurt, completely cut off from its 1,000 a day trucks.  
Kolkata:-90% trucks off road.  No movement at port. 30 per cent pumps running out of stock. Rise in the prices of onion, tomato and potato.
Lucknow Jan 7, prices of essentials up.
Ludhiana:-  80% of India's cycles are made here. 12 million yearly. Preparing to shut down. No raw materials available. 
Madhya Pradesh: Evoke ESMA
Manipur:-Did not join to the nation-wide truckers strike, will be effected by supply of food and grains.
Mohali:-panic buying.
Nashik:- Supplier of onions.
Orissa:-Prices of vegetables, soar.
Ooty (Nilgiris district) Tea worth over Rs.15 crore (Rs.150 million) is stranded.
Panchkula:-Panic buying.
Rajasthan:-Evoke ESMA
Tamil Nadu:-Tea, vegetables and perishables worth nearly Rs.2.5 billion (Rs.250 crore) have been stranded in various parts of Tamil Nadu. Annual harvest festival of Pongal Jan 14, this Wednesday.
Uttar Pradesh:-50,000 trucks off road.
West Bengal:-70% trucks of road.

APMC has not committed to strike yet, spices and grain markets have not said yes or no to the strike.

What the government says:- 9 January, 2009  Press release by Indian Government. Government wondering how the average Joe is going to cook for the family.  This could cause huge backlash.
Government, faces a general election this year. 'Irrational and irresponsible', threatened to cancel the permits of truckers.The state government has called the unions for a meeting on Tuesday.Government has agreed to exempting truckers from paying taxes on transportation of goods by road and was ready to consider restructuring their bank loans. Will rely on train services.

Independent truckers:- Stuck with empty trucks mid way for return trips, just waiting, sleeping under trucks. Puffing on hookahs.

4 January, 2009 strike started at midnight.

12/30/08 Truck strike, India All India Transport Workers' association or AITWA and All India Motor Transport Congress or AIMTC have planned to go on indefinite strike from January 5. Truckers want reduction of diesel by at least Rs.10 per litre, reduction in prices of tires by at least 35%, declaring moratorium on all installments and waiver of interest on truck finance for at lease six months. 

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Lot of fingers in this pie.  
Punjab State Goods Transporters Association President Bhupinder Singh Pandher

All India Transporters Welfare Association 

Transport minister 
R Ashoka

Indian Foundation of Transport Research and Training (IFTRT)

All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC)
Represents 6 million drivers! President, G R Shanmugappa (what happened to Charan Singh Lohara)         
K K Bansal, chairman, East Zone 

APMC, Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee secretary Sudhir Tungar 

Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) body of all exporters bodies.

Essential Services Maintenance Act 

The Federation of West Bengal Truck Operators' Associations (FWBTOA),general secretary Satyajit Majumdar,
affiliate of the AIMTC

 Associated with AIMTC is Bombay Goods Transport Association

Jaipur Transport Operators Association
tried to ensure there was no loading or unloading operation

Jamshedpur Truck and Trailer Welfare Association

National Security Act (NSA) under which trucks could be seized and operated by the government.

Lucknow Vegetable and Fruit Merchant Association (LFMA), 

Transportation strike India, India truck strike, ports Haldia and Kolkata, will it lead to panic buying again? Followed by Indian Oil Corp? Country expected to be crippled. Going to India for holiday? Beware this has the potential of ruining your trip. Vacation, holiday will be ruined. 

India truck strike, lorry strike, country wide looking for a bail out. Who else is on strike today?
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