15 November Heads up if coming into UK on Wednesday 30 November 2011 a general strike will be in effect. Expect severe delays and if you can change your date of entry into UK. Do check our front page. Keep all travel receipts.

15 November 2011 Dover to Calais ferry company SeaFrance suspends service 48 hours.
A helpline is available on +44 (0) 845 458 0666 
SeaFrance Press release 

The Connexion has an interesting article about ferry services to UK today connexionfrance.com

For French general strikes

Old stuff
Beware immigration control officers to strike for 48 hours starting Thursday, 23, September, ending Saturday midnight. Expect severe delays in and out of the United Kingdom. follow

5, April, 2010, SeaFrance back to normal today.

2, April, 2010 Little notice given today of SeaFrance strike. Don't go to port unless you have a booking. Operation stack in effect.  Strike expected to go on for 48 hours.

1/31/10 SeaFrance service back to normal.
1/29/10 Lorry drivers, heads up, SeaFrance (UK-France ferries) on strike, Calais, Dover, freight mainly.
"We regret to inform you that our services may be disturbed today. En cas de besoin merci de nous contacter au 03 21 17 70 26 ou au 03 21 46 80 05 If needed thank you contact us on 03 21 17 70 26 or 03 21 46 80 05"

Severe disruptions going into Italy 5-13 December, 2009 followed up the same day as the Italian truck strike ends the French will start own truck strike on Sunday, 13 December.  Expect getting in and out of borders to be a real pain.  You could be stuck in car for days. Ports, ferry and railway tracks will be blocked.

Rail strike, mobilization of the railwaymen, join national day of protest, Tuesday,  8, December, 2009, Unions, CGT,  UNSA and CFDT. follow along

November, 18, ferries cancelled because of bad weather, better call first.

Nationwide French port strike, again. 
French ports strike, 24 hr, called for by CGT Union  On Nov 6, cross channel ferries, Corsica..

16, October, 09 Normal service is back between Dover and Calais following earlier industrial action by Sea France staff at the Port of Calais.

 P&O Ferries was also forced to suspend its services between Dover and Calais. Traffic backed up, Operation Stack is in effect. The coast-bound carriageway between junctions eight (Leeds Castle) and nine (Ashford West) have now been closed so lorries that are unable to cross the Channel can queue.
Message Last Updated: 17:10 hours- Friday 16th October, 2009

From Port of Dover 17:10 hours- Friday 16th October, 2009

Sea conditions in the Channel are slight to slight to moderate, with a north-nor-westerly breeze, force 5, and the visibility is moderate to good.

All services from the Eastern Docks with Norfolkline to Dunkerque and LD Lines to Boulogne are currently running to schedule with space available.

Due to industrial action at the Port of Calais and its subsequent closure SeaFrance have confirmed that there will be no further sailings to Calais until their departure will be the 09.55 departure from Dover on Saturday morning. SeaFrance advise passengers with day return tickets to call SeaFrance reservations for alternative travel dates or a full refund. All other passengers are advised, that alternative travel will be arranged on arrival in Dover.

P&O Ferries have suspended their sailings to Calais, and regret that they won’t be able to take day-trippers while the dispute continues. All other tourist traffic is advised to check-in as normal, so other travel arrangements can be made for them.

The Port of Dover would like to advise, that every effort is being made to ensure the smooth running of the Port for the duration of SeaFrance’s industrial action.
15, October, 09 Urgent see SeaFrance site Sea crossings suspended. We regret to inform you that our sea crossings will be suspended from Friday, October 16th at 7 to Saturday, October 17th at 8:30.  If needed thank you contact us on 03 21 17 70 26.

Cross-Channel strike threat by SeaFrance cross-Channel ferry crews this Friday, 16, October, 09 

Why?  500 layoffs, and perhaps loosing some cross channel ships.
Meeting between management and CFDT union this Monday 19, October. CFDT looking for a mediator.

Dover to Boulogne new freight, car, coaches and  passenger ferry service by LD Lines starts 1, July, 2009. Four return sailings daily. Foot passenger from £18* return, Car + 4 from £28* return',  Motorcycle + rider + 1 passenger from £20  return 1 extra passenger FREE. 

Scheduled to start from 1st July 2009, the new service will provide four return sailings daily with a crossing time of one hour 45 minutes.

Freight and tourist traffic, including coaches, cars and additionally foot passengers will be carried. The vessel “Norman Spirit”, which currently operates on LD Lines’ Portsmouth – Le Havre service, will be replaced on the Western Channel and is then expected to be transferred to operate the new Dover – Boulogne route.

The ship has capacity for 1850 passengers, 700 cars and 110 freight vehicles.

“We are delighted to have now received confirmation from the Port of Dover that our new Dover – Boulogne route has official approval and we look forward to a very positive, long-term working relationship with the Port Authority, “ says LD Lines’ Directeur Général, Christophe Santoni.

“Our entry into the highly competitive short sea cross channel ferry business is a major development for LD Lines. We are convinced that the service will undoubtedly attract new freight and tourist customers, which will benefit both Dover and Boulogne as departure and destination ports.”

In the first year of operation the company expects to carry in the region of 120,000 freight vehicles, 133,000 cars and 400,000 passengers.

Bob Goldfield, Chief Executive, Port of Dover said, "The Port of Dover welcomes the additional capacity at a time when it is planning a second ferry terminal to meet forecasts in traffic growth."

Fares and reservation information for tourist passengers will be published in due course - visit : www.ldlines.com

8 December, 08 Dover port strike cancelled.  The strikes planned by dock workers at the Dover Port have been called off so talks can begin and settle this strike once and for all.  Talks between Unite and the port management were held for two hours on Thursday and an hour on Friday, in a bid to settle the dispute over mooring, trailer handling and security.

12/1/08  from DHB site, posted Saturday:-port processed 60,000 passengers, 12,426 cars, 649 coaches and 15,436 freight vehicles.  Yesterday’s traffic compared with the same day last year showed increases of 16 per cent in the number of passengers, 13 per cent cars, 20 per cent coaches and 7 per cent freight vehicles.

11/29/08 Again port strike, had no effect per DHB. Next strike week beginning December 8, getting longer. Getting closer to Christmas travel. The first transfer date is January 5 which is only five weeks away and the second date is February 1 which is about nine weeks away. 

11/26/08 Union has now said it will finish at mid-day on Saturday.

11/25/08 Crossing to France?  Dover port strike, again. Unite voted overwhelmingly for industrial action this Thursday 7am for three days till 7am Sunday.  Same players.  Watch for operation stack.

LOCATION: Eastern Dock Entrance, Dover Harbour,  FROM: 7.00am Tuesday, 18th November to 7.00am Thursday, 20th November.

19 Nov Wednesday.  Business as usual at port, no delays. 60 ferry departures in the first 24 hours of the strike, adding the volume of freight was 8% higher than the same day last week. The action is due to end at 7am on Thursday.

18  Nov Strike began this morning.  Ferries still running with  250 other staff trained in various aspects of port operation!  A20 is preparing for Operation Stack.  Dover has also been handling traffic diverted from Eurotunnel following a train breakdown. per BBC

17 Nov.08 Monday.  DHB are confident they will run full service during the strike. "We are confident we can maintain a good service to our customers and safety and security will not be compromised," said chief executive Bob Goldfield. 

15 Nov,08   400 or so workers from the Port of  Dover, walked from the center of Dover to the ports head office, with placards and banners.  Strike is still on for the two strike starting this  Monday.  Chief executive Bob Goldfield refuses to negotiate, has said 

10 Nov UK, Dover port strike, Transport and General Workers will strike for 48 hours 7am on Tuesday, November 18.  300 workers will strike, 190 jobs, including mooring, tug boat and security services, are due to be transferred to a private contractor from February 2 (but who?).

11/6/08 Dover, Dover Harbour Board (DHB) threaten industrial action over planned privatisation also 190 Unite union workers may walk out.  Former Gurkha soldiers set to cover for the strikers have pulled out the deal.  

11/6/08  Dover, Former Gurkha soldiers set to cover for striking port workers in Dover have pulled out after a meeting with the town’s MP.Mr Prosser said it was a huge relief, but just what he expected.
“I was confident that once our friends in the Gurkha community were made aware of DHB’s strikebreaking tactics, they would refuse to co-operate with such underhand practices.”

10/28/08 UK, Dover, Carnival Cruise Lines has announced that it will cancel its Dover sailings for the summer of 2009. 

16 July 08 UK Council workers start two-day strike action  icCheshireOnline.co

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Dover Harbour Board 
chief executive Bob Goldfield

Transport and General Workers Union

National Secretary for Docks and Waterways, Brendan Gold

MP for Dover and Deal Gwyn Prosser


Port of Dover 

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ceased operations on the Dover to Calais route on the 7th November 2005 and

11/14/08 Speedferries
Gone bankrupt, Dover to Boulogne, pre booked? Rumor going around that they owed port fees. Check web site

UK’s busiest ferry port, From January 09, commercial contractors will run many of the port operations such as mooring and tug boat work, and security services, affecting 190 jobs.  Pensions will be threatened by outsourcing.   DHB has future plans for a thousand new jobs.The former Hoverport at Western Docks will become a second ferry terminal, new marina and new berths. Midweek is the peak for volume of freight.

What is operation stack?  Police use sections of the M20 to queue delayed lorries, between junctions 11 and 12 <META NAME="ROBOTS" 
SeaFrance, just a rumour

11/14/08 Ouch! Speedferries
Gone bankrupt, Dover to Boulogne, pre booked? Rumor going around that they owed port fees. 
Check out today's strike  headlines
This is what Operation Stack looks like. M20 into a lorry park. 

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