Union membership in France is low, at about 8 percent of the workforce, and support has been falling. But the unions have a powerful grip on some industries and public services and can cause severe disruption when they go on strike.


Latest technic, Despite current date April Fools Day 2009. is holding boss captive, "bossnapped"  Sony workers in Pontonx-sur-l’Adour, in southwest France held their boss captive for 24 hours for a better severance package.  Workers at a 3M plant in the in Pithiviers,  held their boss for 24 hours.  Caterpillar in France held a grand total of 5 bosses!  Caterpillars intention is to lay off 733 workers, a quarter of the work force at its factories in the towns of Grenoble and Échirolles. They detained the director of the plan and his associates for a short time. Again over severance pay.  

National Union of ground mechanics of the Civil Aviation SNMSAC. 4,000 Air France mechanics.

CGT (Hardline)
Update:-Thierry Lepaon resigns.
6 January 2015 New Year not so good for head of the largest French union General Confederation of Labour CGT Thierry Lepaon. Lepaon claimed 105,000 euro’s ($125,000) to renovate his suburban Paris apartment. Lepaon refusing to resign. Union members will vote 13 January, 2015 as to whether to keep him as leader or not.

Air France flight attendants:-
Inter-SNPNC 45% of vote
General Labour Confederation (CGT)  healthcare workers. Largest union representing workers at the French state rail company SNCF and Paris transport system of metro trains, buses and trams known as the RATP. Get's a new leader November 2012 Thierry 

UNSA whose this

ICNA - UNSA  I think these are air traffic control engineers.

French pilot unions UNPL and R'Way 

Solidaires  is a group of French trade unions. Including Air France Sud Aerien (Le syndicat Sud Aérien d'Air France) which is what type of workers? Southern Air. 

The Sud union, which successfully disrupted train services earlier this year, doubled its score in December elections for labour tribunals, boosting its potential to pile pressure on bigger unions to become more radical.
Air South Union, Air France members are? 

The union SOUTH Air is located in 2: In Airline: - Air France - Royal Air Morocco - Regional SA - Brit'Air - Corsair In societies airport: + Airport de Paris (ADP) + BlueLink (BlueLink Flying Blue) + Bruno Pegorier Catering (PCBs) + Connecting Bag Services (CBS) + + Servair Orly Air France Handling Catering + + PPS + + Reinier ICTS Air Traffic Service + + + NRS OCA

​Air France
The CGT and FO unions of Air France
​Other Air France unions
CFDT which are what workers?
CFE-CGS which are white-collar staff union
union FO (Force Géneral Syndicat Ovrière)

Cabin crew unions
National Union of Cabin Crew Cabin (CRS)
​SNPNC (Personnel Navigant Cabin National Union) 30% of the crew of Air France.


Air France pilot minor union Alter is 12% of Air France pilots.

Air France largest pilot union, 50% of Air France pilots SNPL-ALPA. 

SPAF is considered a minor union, although in 2017 21% of Air France pilots belong to SPAF

​air traffic controllers

​may 22, 2018 these unions atc went on strike
usac-cgt (general Confederations of Labor)
FO Fuerza Obrera
UNSA National union of autonomous unions

UNSA-ICNA (Air Navigation Control Engineers) filed a notice of strike from Tuesday 24 to Sunday, June 29 It could be joined Thursday by the first air traffic controllers union , the SNCTA. 
Subject discontent: the financing plan for the air navigation 2015-2019 that will soon France to Brussels. "If we were going to strike, the movement would be followed" from the 4000 air traffic controllers, according to 

Roger Rousseau, national secretary of SNCTA 

The SNCTA weighs about 41% of the vote (the last election), 


The DGAC has 11,500 employees including 4,000 air traffic controllers

Read more at http://lentreprise.lexpress.fr/actualites/1/actualites/le-travail-des-controleurs-aeriens-a-l-aube-d-une-refonte-ce-qui-bloque_1670629.html#M7VwBYS7UvftbfDU.99

France’s two biggest air traffic controller unions 

sncf  fr national railway
CGT-Cheminots and SUD-Rail the first and third largest rail unions in the country, 

SNCF’s second largest union Unsa-Ferroviaire


​List of Air France unions
Signed by the unions CGT, FO, CFTC, SNPL, SPAF, Alter, UNAC, UNSA UNSA-PNC, SNPNC, SNPNAC, Southern Air and SNGAF (but not by the CFE-CGC nor the CFDT),
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International Trade-union confederation (CSI)


Airline unions Union of Sailors Civil Aviation Authority Unac (ON ryanair fr easyjet fr) signs an agreement with management.
Two unions represent cabin crews SNPNC-FO and UNSA.  (PNC alone has15,000 employees)
Air France 

France, French  Strike, Unions
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