Thursday, November 1, 2012

FINAL PARAGRAPH Lean Aena pact with unions Plan Feasibility affecting 1,600 workers · It is the first company in Spain to apply the Royal Decree 1484/2012 of 29 October on the financial contributions to be made by companies with benefits make collective redundancies affecting workers 50 or more years. Aena bring unemployment costs of this group in the event that the Company enters into benefits · The objective is to improve the efficiency of the airport network · Collect important internal flexibility measures and termination of contracts voluntarily · The plan will be financed Aena own resources, so that no taxpayer money used · This is not an early retirement plan but an ERE in a company in losses · The airport operator has 15,000 employees and a debt of close to 14,000 million 31 October 2012 Aena has signed with the unions CCOO, UGT and USO, a viability plan that includes significant internal flexibility measures and voluntary severances, who may be qualified, until December 31, 2012, all workers the airport operator up to 1,600. Currently the Workforce of approximately 15,000 employees. was part of the Efficiency Plan Airport This is part of the numerous activities in the Plan of airport efficiency to ensure the future of Aena, among which are a significant cost reduction Operating, reduced operating schedules, profitability and optimizing existing infrastructure as well as the merger of companies to avoid duplication of costs. internal flexibility measures application, last August, Airport Efficiency Plan in 17 airports and 2 Aena heliports that record an activity less than 500,000 passengers per year, has enabled maintenance of the entire network against the alternative of closing the airport facilities. The implementation of the measures referred to in Efficiency Plan fits the range of services at these airports to actual demand is present in every moment, watching the working hours to fit the operational needs of the flights scheduled at each facility, to what is necessary to implement measures of flexibility in work shifts (schedules and distribution of the day) and geographical and functional mobility in the templates, the purpose of adapting them to the new requirements posed. not preclude the application of forced mobility under the provisions of Article 39 of the collective agreement of the group I Aena. This plan aims to increase efficiency and productivity in the whole enterprise, providing the entire group of economic viability Aena enough to keep open all its centers work in an adverse context for the Spanish economy in general, affecting, very sensitive to air traffic activity. Measures voluntary severance and relocation plan Plan signed with the unions is a record of employment regulation a company currently in losses. extinctions is voluntary contract to which all eligible permanent employees who are in active. The preference at the time of accepting the applications will lower the deficit airport employees, after the Central Services workers and finally the rest of the centers. 's overall compensation is 20 days per year of service, with a maximum of twelve months, this quantity can be increased in eight days, if, within six months the worker hubieraconseguido, through a relocation plan, find a new empleo.Nota press for its uniqueness and greater difficulties access to the labor market, those employees over 55 years, with a minimum of 10 years in the business, that six months after the termination of his contract have not achieved their relocation, will see their compensation increased in 11 additional days (72% of average total salary) with the rest of the workers benefiting from the plan. In no event aims to develop new hires to fill vacancies caused by the implementation of the plan. No money will be used taxpayers the cost of these outputs are not supposed to use taxpayer money, but it is assumed entirely by Aena, since it does not receive any financial contribution of the State Budget. Aena has agreed with the Ministry of Employment and Social to take over, once in benefits, unemployment benefits and the corresponding Social Security contributions for workers over age 50 welcome to this plan in accordance with Royal Decree 1484/2012 of 29 October on financial contributions to be made by companies with benefits that make collective redundancies affecting workers 50 or more years. The airport operator is the first company in Spain to apply this recent labor regulations. 's not about retirements in the scope of this plan there will be no early retirement provided by law for workers 61 or 63 years. The Company will finance the Special Agreements with Social Security from the termination of employment of workers and until his retirement. Aena wants to thank the willingness of unions signed this  agreement in finding solutions to ensure the future of the  company.