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Airlines according to Easy Travel Report
Check your airlines history before you book with them. Will you have to deal with a go slow, pilot unrest, crew cabin strike. Will they still be in business in three months?
Check whose on strike today.  We cover all forms of transportation unrest, industrial disputes, strikes world wide.  If we smell it, we report it.  (send us your tips)
Check your airlines baggage allowance, it can cost you a fortune in excess weight particularly if you are traveling with a large family.

Tip: Once you know which airport you will leave from, book a hotel near or at the airport.  If flight gets cancelled due to weather at least you know that you will sleep well unlike the poor smucks sleeping on the floor.  Make sure you've put the number in your cell phone to cancel it before 6pm(?)
Want to see what's in the vicinity of your hotel?  WalkScore.com

6/11/09 Priceline no booking fees

3/19/09 Expedia have dropped fees, temporarily till 5/31/2009.  Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz will charge $6.99 to $11.99 per airline booking. 

9/14/08 Warning: 30 airlines will go bust this year independent.co.uk

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Online travel agencies, after growing rapidly for years, could face a slump in domestic bookings later this year when U.S. airlines slash the number of tickets for sale.reuters

8/8/08 IThe no frills carrier says that it will refuse to honour any online bookings from Monday, unless they have been made through its own website. The dispute centres on what are known as "screenscraping" websites, which can compare prices and book flight tickets on the passenger's behalf. consumers are being forced to pay a commission on top of the fare if they use these websites.  telegraph.com.ukl

Interesting.  Are airlines saving the best deals for their own websites? full article by 
Bill McGee USA Today

6/6/08  Fares likely were 7% to 8% higher in May than a year ago, according to some preliminary reports from airlines, but that's a far cry from paying for the 66% increase in the cost of fuel, which now amounts to about 40% of an airline's total costs. read full article by Scott McCartney onlinewallstjournal

6/4/08 "It cost us $9,600 in fuel, to fly from L.A. area to the Northeast when we announced those flights. Two months later that went up to $15,000," says JetBlue spokesman Bryan Baldwin. "Those are huge cost increases."

State by state flight cut backs by usatoday
6/29/08  Window seat will come at a price. Brisbanetimes.com