Portuguese Railway Strike
9 December Portuguese CP train drivrs ( Bad guys National Union of Machinists) to strike (hopefully this just bravado) 
Friday 23 December
Saturday 24 December 
and Christmas Day and New Years Day.


Update:-8 November. CP railways strike. Thursday you are good to go. Friday strike not due to start till 5pm to early Saturday morning. Expect it to start earlier than 5pm.
CP Recommend passengers check website before travel (www.cp.pt) or phone  808 208 208  
Monday Alfa Pendular service, intercity, regional and inter-regional disruptions particularly in afternoon/evening.
Tuesday Seems a 24 hour strike is possible
Friday Disruptions from noon on.
8 November Lisbon Metro to strike from 8am to 10am. Service back to normal by 10:30am. .
Portuguese-railway-Portugal-train-strike-CP-Lisbon-CP-Oporto- vacation-holiday-plans-traveling-to

A strike by railway ticketing staff has forced the cancellation of most national and international train services in Portugal.

National rail company Comboios de Portugal said only about 10 percent of trains ran as scheduled Monday as ticket sellers and inspectors walked off the job for 24 hours.

The company predicts delays and cancellations through the end of June due to an overtime ban by all staff and occasional daylong strikes by train engineers.

Workers are angry that an agreement on working conditions they signed with the company in April still has not come into force.

The CP reports that, due to pre - strike notice, issued by the National Union of Workers of the railway sector, the period of 0:00 to 24:00 on March 23, 2010May result in disruption of train movement, Alfa pendular, Intercity, interregional, city of Coimbra, Oporto and urban areas of Lisbon, including delays and cancellations.

Urban Train Lisbon

The CP will provide some services alternative road routes Sintra, Azambuja and Sado.

Urban Train Port

The CP will provide some alternative road services, lines Braga, Guimaraes, Aveiro and Caíde. Customers signing CP patients may use the services of STCP, Metro do Porto, ranging from courses in the areas of:

    * STCP: Riyadh, Rio Tinto, Braking, Palmilheira, Riyadh, Contumil, Editora, Porto São Bento, Gaia, Coimbrões, Valadares, Francelos, S. Junction, S. Mamede Infesta and Leça do Balio.
    * Metro do Porto: A, B, C and E - Dragon '' Trinity '' Dragon and Line D - General Torres '' Trinity '' General Torres.

For more information, please visit our Services: Call Center 808 208 208 Cabinets, Customer, and Ticketing CP.

CP thanks the understanding of customers for the inconvenience caused.

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