24 April 2018 We have a couple of strikes that may effect your flight with Norwegian.
Italian air traffic controllers 8 May 2018
Spanish air traffic controllers based in Barcelona El Prat Airport 20 June 2018. 
Either of these strikes will be painful. Expect delays, cancellations, flight may even be brought forward follow along 
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Bitter labor dispute, Norwgian airline pilots strike. 

Norway, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Swedish pilot's
Pilot union Parat
​Swedish Pilot Union Swealpa

Strikes at Helsinki Vantaa Airport including
baggage handlers strikes 2015

You can contact them with phone or try at http://norwegian.custhelp.com/app/chat/chat_launch

​​       Good News
Update:-10 March, 2015 Tuesday evening 11 day pilot over. Call to confirm your seat. Flights expected to be back to normal by tomorrow, Wednesday, afternoon.

Update:-Tuesday 10 March, 2015 NAS pilots still out. Another union 3F threaten to join in across Norway, Denmark and Sweden. 3F (365,000 members) covers numerous unions. Public transportation including rail unions, cabin crews, refueling planes, baggage handling and airport security. Threaten to bring these three countries to a grinding halt.

Update:-Thursday 5, March 2015 No change from either party. You know the routine, call before you go to the airport. Except Danes injecting themselves into the mix. Airline workers including airport security union, Serviceforbundet in Denmark threaten to join in the strike. Workers will strike in two weeks if a deal has not been made for Norwegian workers. Unfortunately not enough is being reported about passengers stranded in Spain, UK, Italy, LA, France...

Update:-Wednesday evening. More flights are cancelled for tomorrow. Norwegian same old press release, nothing new in the news today.

Update:-Wednesday Some 35,000 passengers delayed across the world today. Airline saves money by being grounded. Parties still at loggerheads.
As soon as we get an update we will publish it. 

Update:-Tuesday All Norwegian flights grounded in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
Call the help line +47 2149 2149.
press release

Update:-Tuesday Flights tomorrow from Oslo Gardermoen cancelled:-starting 7:25am - Trondheim, Stavenger, Bergen, Helsiki 7:45 am is scheduled to leave. 
Check our favorite site ourairports.com change the time frame.

Update:-Tuesday More flights cancelled today, 13, four were to and from Sweden. Tomorrow large amount of staff expected to strike. This includes 650 pilots. Norwegian puts out a press release

​Update:- Monday 700 pilots worry today airline will go bankrupt.

Update:-Sunday Domestic flights hit today long-hauls left.Wednesday, 25 February, 2015 Protect yourself. Which other company flies your route? Can you change to a different airline? If you are already flying with a different airline make sure you confirm your seat it will be hot property. Make a hotel booking for just incase at your airport. 

Norwegian Air Shuttle pilot's have been in wage negotiations for three months and threaten continued strike action from this Saturday, February 28, 2015.

Union feel management prefer to hire foreign pilots on short term bases easing experienced Norwegian pilot's out. Union threaten to pull 70 pilot's Saturday morning.

Management:-The pilots in Scandinavia have very good conditions and costs must be reduced which we have seen with our competitors.

Labor dispute meetings to take place this Thursday and Friday. Airline posted recent losses 2014 at $210 million. (Here's an article regarding airlines history we found interesting Airwaysnews.com) 

Swedish Pilot Association swealpa add to labor dispute - sympathy strike Wednesday March 4th at 10pm.


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Norway, Norwegian Air Shuttle Pilot Strike
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