Larnaca Airport Strike, Cyprus
November 17, 2009 Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus officially opened on Tuesday, with great reviews. 656 million-euro, privately funded venture with the French company Bouyges Batiment International. The new terminal has 16 jetways (boarding bridges), 67 check in counters, 8 point for self service check in, 21 departure gates, 2,450 parking spots and the airport can handle 7.5 million passengers per year.
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Larnaca - Cyprus

​Are Greek Air Traffic Controllers on Strike?

Greek air traffic control strike is planned for 30 May, 2018 between 10am and 1pm. Your flight will likely be delayed called your airline.

30 December 2016 Flight delays today due to fog and shortage of air traffic control staff.

Greek Strikes
Greek general strike is being planned for Thursday November 24. Dockers will be striking, ferries will be tied to port. You might be delayed if flying with national airlines Olympic and Aegean. Regarding public transport, no details out yet. Follow along with us

Greek airports are bursting with capacity expect delays through summer.

Greek Aviation Strike
Greek Air Traffic Control Strike will effect flights from Cyprus.

Update:-Saturday 8 October Strike is still on. Note from viewer- :My flight with ryanair from corfu due to fly 6.30am Tuesday morning still due to fly.
Cobalt cancellations incyprus

Update:-7 October 2016 Call your boss, strike is still on. It's likely you will not leave Corfu till Tuesday am. Olympic and Aegean cancellations

Update:-6 October 2016 Strike will start 9pm UTC time Saturday 8 October and end the 10th 9pm UTC (hate UTC time, am I the only one) See NOP

31 July 2015 You will have a devil of a time connecting to Athens for international flights due to Greek air traffic control strike planned for this Wednesday. Follow along with us Greek air traffic control strike and call your airline asap.

Old strikes for 2015
23 May 2015 You should know that Greek airport workers will strike Sunday and Monday next week. 31 May and Monday June 1. Will effect your connecting flight from Athens perhaps follow along at

​Industrial actions for 2014
3 October, 2014 Larnaca bus drivers threaten 24 hour strike Monday 6 October, 2014 Philenews
Old strikes for 2014
Air traffic control will strike on 29th January 2014 1300-1700 UTC. Airports busiest day of the week. See other countries joining in. Easy Travel Report

Last years industrial actions 2013
15 May, 2013 Greek air traffic controllers strike tomorrow, Thursday, 16 May for four hours. Just enough time to miss connecting flights on the main land.  Strike to start UTC time 0900 - 1300.  Expect flights to get back to normal quickly. Call your airline to confirm flight.

Old industrial actions
9 March 2012 Strike on the 12 and 15 has been cancelled.
7 March Strike is on Cyprus Mail 
6 March 2012 Larnaca airport strike this week. Cypriot president will bring in foreign airport workers to cover any industrial actions.

Monday 5 March 2012 Cyprus air traffic controllers strike from:-
Wednesday (airports busiest day)7 March 2012 10 AM to 2 PM
Thursday 8 March 2012 12-3PM
Monday 12 March 2012 10-2PM
Thursday 15 March 2012 10 AM to 2 PM

11/17/09 Airlines complaining it is now the most expensive airport in Europe to land at. Cyprus government has given airlines a cut in landing fees for just one year. Easyjet gets one week to use the terminal all by themselves. Aegean, has it's own lounge and will be the first top operate e-ticketing. So far things running smoothly.

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