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8 February Long a waited general strike took place today.  Yes, airport was closed from 6am to noon.  Some banks were closed and Israeli trains went on strike. Ports Eilat and Ashdod will strike. Haifa seaport will also join in the strike but will let perishables pass and medical supplies. Banks and museums were closed.

The Egged and Dan bus companies will continue to operate as usual. jpost

3 February Announced today the confirmation of  Israeli industrial action involving 400,000 Histadrut union workers. Strike that is to take place next Wednesday 8 February. Judge stated strike at Ben Gurion International is to end by noon and be a total of six hours long. Judge orders all parties to meet up again. Bring cash as banks will be closed. You may find museums will be on strike.

25 January Histadrut union may strike Tuesday 31 January.

17 January, Strike still going on. No public transport effected or airports.

15 January Sunday, Israel general strike tomorrow, to hit Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Unions have been planning this for weeks. Not sure how this if at all is going to effect the airport. Parking is to be free as parking inspectors will be on strike.

3 January Update:-Israeli Rail Strike is to start tomorrow Wednesday.
29 December 2011 Announced today Israel Railway strike. Start out to work early, taxi's maybe hard to find.
Monday 2 January, 2012
Wednesday 4 January, 2012
Friday 6 January, 2012
Unions general strike in 10 days
Update:-7 November Airport up and running earlier than expected.
7 November Airport to open 10pm local time tonight.  Per judge. General strike is only to last till 10am. All parties to return back to judge Thursday November 10 with a plan.
Four hour strike, just long enough to mess with international travel effected thousands world wide.
Taxi extremely hard to find. Trains delayed or cancelled.

6 November 2011 Strike to start tomorrow, 
7 November, 2011, 6am Monday. Will effect airports, public transport, buses, trains and banks. Bring cash ATM's may be empty. Seaports, local authorities and government offices. Ben Gurion airport to CLOSE 8am Monday, local time.  Call your airline. Another meeting is planned 6pm local time today. Strike is being called for by Histadrut labor federation.

3 November Unions to meet with Israeli government this week-end. Unions threaten strike for next week if talks fail.

11 October 2011 Announced today an Israeli general strike. Now named "The People's Strike"
Tuesday, 1 November 2011. Demonstrations to take place Saturday, 29 October. 

Industrial action to effect ports, airports, train services, local authorities and government ministries.
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Update:-29 October Rallies today in Jerusalem (5,000) and Tel Aviv (20,000 people)
29 October 2011 Israeli general strike, Israel, transportation, nationwide,industrial action

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Flying to Israel in time for a General strike? Better bring cash, banks, airports, seaports and public transport will be closed, on strike. Taxi's will be hard to find.