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South Yorkshire bus strike, 
Barnsley, Rotherham, Dearne Valley, Doncaster bus driver strike.

First Bus Essex
What does Unite have to say?
Trade Union 

Regal Busways Canvey, located in Chelmsford, service to 40 local communities. Network Colchester

Arriva Southend,Ensignbus, 
NIBS, Stephensons of Essex.

Unite union
Bus strike Essex, leave early parking is going to be bad. 

First Essex Bus serves thousands of passengers in Basildon, Southend, Castle Point, Thurrock, Chelmsford and Colchester, Braintree, Clacton, Harwich and Hadleigh. Reminder First Bus Essex goes to Stansted Airport. 

A review, guide to First Bus Essex 
Last time routes in Basildon, Southend, Castle Point, Thurrock, Chelmsford bus strike, Colchester bus strike, were affected. 
Bring brolley, it may rain.
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16, Dec.09  Next weeks, week long strike called off.  Union agreed to deal.  Amen.

12/12/09 Still on for next week, December 17-23, 
enjoy while you can...  Any public support has surely gone out the window.  It's Christmas week...  Retailers rely on these coming weeks. Better leave early, traffic is going to be horrendous. Parking will be a near impossibility. Still time for union to come around.

2, December, 2009 Drivers for First Buses in Essex voted in favour of a week-long strike from December 17-23

18, Nov. Wait one more update today:- Unite members working for First Essex have agreed to suspend their strike action planned for Monday 23, November, 09 until the 7, December, 2009 to allow for talks.

Steve Linger, Unite regional industrial organiser, said: “Unite representatives today agreed to suspend the day of action planned for next Monday. They offered to suspend the strike for two weeks while talks continue to resolve the long running dispute with First Essex.

“Planned strikes for the Christmas period are still a possibility but we are hopeful that there will be a successful outcome to the talks.” per union      

18, November, 2009 Wait change of plans.  Union now calling for it's members to strike 3am, on 17, December, to midnight on 23, December. Will still strike this Monday.

16, November, Yes,  one more strike. Next Monday 23, November, 09.

9, November, 09  North Essex bus strike again tomorrow. No charge for service except where service runs as normal. Stansted Airport route is running.
Weathers on your side. Information @ 08456 020121, or  www.firstgroup.com Essex
Your not alone, city of Philadelphia in US is on it's 6th straight day of a transportation strike. Thousands of commuters effected.  East London strike tomorrow and next week London, Ontario Canada. 

6, November, 09 Basildon and Hadleigh depots back in the strike game, if no deal made expect them to join picket lines Monday, November 9, and on Monday, November 23.

25, October, First bus Essex bus strike is still on for tomorrow. Extra cars on the road, leave early. One bright spark, Basildon and Hadleigh workers will not strike Monday as they are voting on whether to accept latest pay offer by First. Weather should be good. Limited services to Stansted Airport but Chelmsford park and ride buses will be operating normally. Staring to get backlash.  Emma says, "First bus drivers are being very very selfish. They disgust me."

13, October, 09 One down three to go. Canvey and South Benfleet hit hard. All local services are run by First except one.  Bus stops full, 40 minute waits. Taxi business brisk. Extra cars on road. Losses to small business.

News from First Bus Essex, routes, schedule.  Best check it for airport service.  Chelmsford park and ride operating as normal.  In recognition of the disruption caused to passengers no fares will be charged on Monday 12 October, with the exception of Chelmsford Park and Ride. Passenger Note: On Tuesday 13th October all First services will operate to a normal timetable, except the early morning X30 services listed above.

9, October, 09 
Statement by First Bus Essex

8, October, 2009.  Here it is, hold your nose. Essex bus strike, It stinks. Get your walking shoes out, get in on a ride asap.  Roads are going to be packed. Parking spaces at a premium.

First Bus, Unite union bus workers to strike in increments of 24 hours. Bus drivers  from Chelmsford, Colchester, Braintree, Clacton, Harwich, Basildon and Hadleigh, all in Essex, will take action on Monday, 3am,October 12 and again on Monday, October 26, Monday, November 9 and Monday, 23. November, 09

Bus workers are to stage a series of 24 hour strikes in a row over pay.

Why?  First bus offered a zero percent pay raise.  

Management:-Mr Pilbeam, from First in Essex, said:"It will result in the inconvenience to the lives of tens of thousands of our passengers and severe disruption to businesses in the region. "We will endeavour to run whatever services we can, but it is likely that our customers will need to make alternative travel arrangements." 

7/16/09  First Bus, postponed strike till, Monday, 7, September, 2009 so talks can continue.

Bus strike, by First Essex Bus, Monday, 20, July, 2009.  Expect bus service to come to a complete standstill, a commuters nightmare.
800 bus drivers balloted for industrial action. Drivers looking for a substantial pay rise. First Buses’ drivers earn about £18,000 -20,000 a year.
Bus company urging union to talk with mediator ACAS.and want drivers to earn the same this year as they did last year, no pay cuts. Train drivers earn on average of £35,300, postmen £24,000 on average. 
First Essex message to passengers.

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Clacton, did you know 37,500 pensioners in the district have free travel passes, more than anywhere else in the country. 
Why have so many pensions congregated in Clacton?