European Unions Versus The European Union

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Airport Strike 2012
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Update:-14 September Greek strike announced. Greek national strike will be for 24 hours, Wednesday 26 September.

Update:-16 August 2012 UK shipping union RMT sends out a press release

Update:-15 August 2012 Portuguese dockworkers unions met with the International Dockworkers Council (Global union of Longshoremen) along with French and Spanish trade union members yesterday. Portuguese dockworkers will decide on whether to have a strike or not at a meeting planned for 12 September. Portugal's ports were paralyzed by a 100% walk out by stevedores for 24 hours yesterday.

7 August 2012 On 8 September 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece  representatives from the main unions from Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus will meet and negotiate a coalition. Unions from Germany and France have been invited.

Planned Strikes:
Spain: September 15

Italy: September 28

Unions hope to seal an agreement for a joint 48 hour strike in major cities.

In the pursuit of their own self-interests, trade unionists in Europe have sought to interfere with the formation of a free common market by bringing train, bus, and airline systems to a grinding halt.

To increase power not be a just a country "yokel union". Without air traffic controllers joining in why bother?

Fingers crossed they can't get it together.

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European Day of Action 29 February 2012
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