Easy Travel Report Holiday Recommendations, 
2014 and 2015.

Have you been knocking your brains out wondering where to go on holiday this year or next?

Where should the next family vacation be?

We have some holiday recommendations for, 2014 and 2015. These holiday recommendations give you an opportunity to think and plan a head and time to watch for airfare deals.

Namibia is getting popular, wildlife, Safari, beach and snowboarding Namibian style dunes. Namibian Weather and webcams

Nice stable countries that's what we like. Not likely to be dragged from your bed, get food poisoning, mugged, kidnapped or end up sleeping at the airport next to the toilets.

This report by The World Economic Forum will help you make up your mind. 

Top 12 in competitiveness.  
Top rankings:-
Switzerland (hot in the summer)
Austria (again mountains hot in the summer)
Spain (are you out of your mind)
UK  (gorgeous)
US (can be expensive to get to and stay)
France (thumbs up)
Canada (I don't know about that water temperature in the summer. That's why Canadians flood Caribbean)
Sweden (got the beaches and history)
Singapore (My number one choice, but don't have the money)
Australia (Awesome, done that - family)
New Zealand (yes why not, bit of everything)
Netherlands (probably misconception, busy)

Yes, go to Greece, economy is on your side. Spain's prices and chances of a strikes are high this year, not for me. Portugal, again rough economy, strikes, it's worth the effort. Brazil is going to be rocking. Perhaps you are now making plans for World Cup or Olympics, strikes threats are all over the place at the moment. All the airports and new rail lines will be built by then, just watch your wallet. What about Ireland, I've never been, all that history, alchol and beaches, perfect.

Where are you going this year?
Easy Travel Report

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