Mango Airline low cost airline
Base:- OR Tambo International Airport near Johannesburg South Africa

Flies between 
Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport and Cape Town Int. Airport
Durban - King Shaka Int. Airport and Cape Town
Johannesburg and Durban 
Bloemfontein Airport and Cape Town 
Lanseria International  and Cape Town International Airport
Bloemfontein and Johannesburg

Pilot union Solidarity Pilot Union must give 48 hours strike notice by law.
Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration CCMA     

Mango Airline (subsidiary of South African Airlines) pilots earn 30% less than Comair and 45% less
than South African Airways.
90% of Mango pilots belong to Solidarity Union and are based in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Lanseria and Durban.

Mango Airline Strike
Thursday 19 October, 2017 Management have come up with a new offer. Union will present it to the pilots. 

17 October, 2017 Pilots still on strike, call before you go to your airport.

16 October, 2017 Mango pilot strike today, low cost airline redirects passengers to other airlines. Flight delays to and from Cape Town, Lanseria, Johannesburg. Mango has notice up. Solidarity union workers looking for 8.5% pay raise, management offering 6%. Stay in touch with airline

24 January 2014 Solidarity Union issue strike notice, members in talks with management. No date set yet. Union must give 48 hours strike notice by law.

Last years news 2013
31 October 2012 Issue now in the hands of CCMA.

8 December 2011 Deal made with pilots no details to be made public

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
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Mango Airline Strike

Mango Airline Strike