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Blue Panorama Airline
Based in Rome's Leonardo da Vinci and 
Fiumicinio Airport and Milan's Malpensa airport.

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Yes, a new list:-
Revoked Italian Strikes!
Italian Airline Strikes Thursday, July 18
Alitalia Cabin Crew Strike Noon - 4PM lucky you
Linate and Malpensa airport strikes planned for 18 July and July 27 have been cancelled.
Italian Easyjet strike, typical Italian style, not sure if it's on or off for the 18th.

July 18, Blue Panorama cabin crew strike 24 hours still on.

Blue Panorama and MeridianaFly flight attendants again 10am - 2PM May 3rd.19 April 2012 Between Noon to 4PM several companies striking. Italian airlines and perhaps Italian airport security will be participating in this strike.

Blue Panorama flight attendants to strike as well as Alitalia ground personnel. 

Both Milan's airports Linate and Malpensa in 12 -4. 
30 October 2012 Airline protects it self from bankruptcy. New austerity program for the next twelve months. Same deal for subsidiary Blue Panorama Express.

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Blue Panorama pilots varesenews

Blue Panorama  

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