Air France flight attendants union press release October 2011

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Roissy, 10 October 2011
THE 29, 30, October 31
and November 2, 2011
The SNPNC and UNSA oppose the destruction of our business organized
methodically by the Directorate of Air France.
Whether the removal of our jobs through the amputation
the COMPO-PEQ or the questioning of the CRM and safety by
implementation of the evaluation, the PNC has become an adjustment variable.
Work overload, so poorly distributed, has become unbearable,
the point of endangering flight safety. Despite all our warnings,
Management did not listen and goes into force on everything. It
applies all decisions unilaterally as a condition with
each negotiation unacceptable measures that challenge the
fundamentals of our business.
In addition, she blames the PNC poor performance of the company.
Accused of all evils, the PNC has become the target down.
We call on all to join PNC for the defense of our
profession and to oppose the policy of dismantling orchestrated
by the Directorate of Air France. We want to ensure our conditions
Working with the approach of negotiating our next Collective Agreement.
The instructions will be communicated to strike in the coming
days. We invite you to visit our websites
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